Quick Hitch Towing Systems

Quick Hitch Trailer Stop works with all types of Hitch by centering and stopping the towing hitch over the tow ball – first time, every time. It’s quick, efficient, protects the rear of your vehicle and takes away the physical strain and frustration of hitching.

Quick Hitch is perfect for businesses and individuals alike and works with all types of trailers including Indespension, Ifor Williams, Graham Edwards, Brian James … and many many more.


Quick Hitch Trailer Stop, towing hitch saves time, is reliable and helps centering over tow ball making hitching quicker and safer. Works with all ball hitches, ball and pin hitches including manufacturers such as AvonRide, Knott, Bradley and Al-Ko and is compatible with Ifor Williams, Indespension, Graham Edwards, Brian James Trailers and many more.

Suitable For

Quick Hitch Trailer Stop is suitable for a wide range of vehicle hitches used with Boat Trailers, Agricultural Trailers, Box Trailers, Catering Trailers, Plant Trailers, Car Trailers and many more.

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Watch our towing hitch overview video it will help you to find out which system is suitable for your vehicle before ordering online. You will be able to select your options and we will ring you back to take payment and notify you of delivery. Need a custom size, we can create that too, send us the details and we will contact you.

Quick Hitch
Quick Hitch
Quick Hitch

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Quick Hitch